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Product Description

Bone Conduction HeadphonesBone Conduction Headphones

Sazooy Bone Conduction Headphones Features

Special Design Style: Unique exterior design, transparent body, unobstructed view of the internal electronic components, full of technology.Bluetooth 5.3: The running headphones uses a new generation of Bluetooth 5.3 chip, connectedin seconds, listeningto songs and calls aremore stablethrough.Wear without Restraint: Only weight 23g, secure fit, greatly reducing the burden on the ear.2-hours Charging Time: Equipped with type-C charging cable, it only takes 2 hours to fully charge.33 Feet Connection Distance: The Bluetooth signal transmission is faster and more stable within 33 feet(10m).360° Bending without Deformation: The neck bend of the headphone Bending at will without deformation, safe and comfortable

open ear headphones open ear headphones

Bone conduction technology

Bone conduction is the transmission of sound vibrations to the inner ear (cochlea) bones of the skull, allowing you to perceive sound without blocking the ear canal. To put it more simply: it transmits sound directly to the inner ear, not through the eardrum. It protects your ears well from swelling and also helps people with weak hearing to improve their music

over-ear headphonesover-ear headphones

Open Ear Design, More Safety

Sports Bluetooth headphones keep your ears open and bare, keeping you aware of your surroundings and possible hazards such as vehicles, wildlife and pedestrians for a safer listening experience. It’s safe to enjoy music while adding music to the world with an inspiring sensory experience.

bluetooth headphonesbluetooth headphones

wireless headphoneswireless headphones

sport headphonessport headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction technology, open ear design and a series of practical functions ensure top-notch music playback and crystal clear calls without compromise.

Open-ear Headphones

It doesn’t block your ears like earplugs and makes you lose awareness of your surroundings. Use bone conduction headphones, protect your safety while enjoying music.

Comfortable & Lightweight

Premium titanium material and lightweight design provide a very comfortable fit. Only 23g, Lightweight and suitable for all-day wear. There are no ear cups or earplugs in the ear canal so that you won’t experience ear soreness, discomfort, or sweating.

running headphonesrunning headphones

wireless bluetooth headphoneswireless bluetooth headphones

over the ear headphones wireless bluetoothover the ear headphones wireless bluetooth

Cool Technology Sense

Unique exterior design, transparent body, unobstructed view of the internal electronic components, full of technology.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.3

Workout headphones equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.3 chip in the industry, the communication speed, range stability are greatly improved and connection distance can reach 33ft(10m), effectively improve communication problems such lag and interruptions.

Packaging Display

New packaging design, high-end atmosphere. Detachable headphone hook, you can hang the headphones anywhere you want, very convenient storage. It’s the perfect gift for your family, friends, classmate.

headphones wireless bluetoothheadphones wireless bluetooth

Smart Button, One Key Control

· Power on: Press and hold the multi-function button for 3 seconds.

· Power off: Press and hold the multi-function button for 5 seconds.

· Play/Pause: Click the multi-function button.

· Next song: Press and hold the multi-function button for 1 second.

· Voice assistant: Double-click the multi-function button to enter the voice assistant, and then double-click the multi-function button to exit the voice assistant.

· Answer/End Calls: Click the multi-function button.

· Reject: Press and hold the multi-function button for 2 seconds in the incoming call state.

· NOTE: The buttons on the headset cannot control the volume, you need to adjust the volume on the phone.

bone conduction headphones bone conduction headphones

🎧【Cool Technology Sense & Bone Conduction Headphone & Transparent body】Unique exterior design, unobstructed view of the internal electronic components, full of technology. The new type of wireless earphones using bone conduction technology is different from other wireless earbuds. It converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies and uses cheekbone to spread sound waves. When riding or running,you can not only hear wonderful music,nut also pay attention to the information in the environment,which can effectively enhance the safety of sports.
🎶【Open Ear Design & More Safety】Bone conduction headphones bluetooth adopt Open-ear technology, which transfers sound through cheekbone. Can make you to hear what is going on around you,keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings. Open ear headphones design makes you feel more safety when you driving, walking on the street or doing other outdoor sports. It’s safer than traditional earbuds headphones and headset headphones, perfect for running,hiking,cycling,workout,Gym,sports and driving etc.
⚡【Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 & Long Battery Life】The running headphones uses a new generation of Bluetooth 5.3 chip, connectedin seconds, listeningto songs and calls aremore stablethrough. Bone Conduction Headphones Built-in exclusive bass vocal vibrator ensure premium stereo sound while maintaining the bass. Bone conduction headset was built-in 140mAh lithium battery. Using the Micro USB-C charging cable (included) to charge about 2 hours, working last 6-8 hours after full charging (Recommended to play at 70% volume)
🌟【Ultra Lightweight Body & 360° Bending Resistance & Comfortable Wear】Ergonomic design concept is adopted in the back hanging part of sport headphones, don’t be afraid of dropping off when exercise,which can truly make wearingless and painless for a long time. Made of titanium alloy, Replacing the traditional cheap iron wire. It can resist 360° violent bending, it will instantly return to its original shape after folded or stretched, even folded hundreds of times, it will remain undamaged.
🏃‍♀【Perfect Customer Service & IPX6 Sweatproof & Ultimate Durability】With IPX6 sweatproof rating, our bluetooth headphones over the ear resist sweat, moisture, water drops, and dust throughout your indoor or outdoor activities. Firmly workout frame and the high quality materials ensures these headphones withstand most of vigorous exercises of running, cycling, hiking, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply and resolve all your issues within 12 hours.


Which type of headset offers the best quality?

The quality of headphones varies depending on several factors, such as the technology used, the quality of the materials and the design. In general, studio headphones and hi-fi (Hi-Fi) headphones usually provide the best sound quality.

Studio headphones are designed specifically for use in recording and production studios, and provide accurate and detailed sound so that sound engineers can precisely evaluate and adjust audio.

Hi-Fi headphones, also known as high-fidelity headphones, are characterized by high quality sound with a wide frequency range and accurate audio reproduction. These headphones tend to be more expensive due to their high quality construction and technology.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the sound quality also depends on the device or audio player you are using, so it is important to make sure you have a quality device to get the best performance from your headphones.

There are several types of headphones, including:

1.-In-ear headphones: also known as intraural headphones, they are inserted directly into the ear and provide excellent acoustic isolation.

2.-Over-ear headphones: also known as circumaural headphones, they completely cover the ear and provide great comfort and surround sound.

3.-On-ear headphones: also known as supraaural headphones, they are placed over the ear and provide a more open and less isolated sound.

4.-Wireless headphones: connect to a device through a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

5.-Noise canceling headphones: use noise canceling technology to reduce ambient noise and provide a clearer listening experience.

6.-Headphones with microphone: they have a built-in microphone to allow audio recording and telephone communication.

7.-Gaming headphones: they are specifically designed for games and provide precise sound and clear communication for team games.

8.-Studio Headphones: These are high-quality headphones used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-True wireless headphones: they are headphones that do not have any cable connecting the two headphones, they are connected using Bluetooth technology.