BELVA BASB27 27” Wide IPX5 Weatherproof Marine UTV ATV Sound Bar, Six 3″ Speakers, Two 1″ Tweeters, Built-in Amplifier, AUX Input, Bluetooth Audio, RGB Multicolor Illumination, with Wireless Remote


Product Description

weatherproof six full range speakersweatherproof six full range speakers

class d amplifier built inclass d amplifier built in

bluetooth streamingbluetooth streaming

led lighting with remoteled lighting with remote

fully adjustable clampsfully adjustable clamps


Belva provides clear, high-quality sound when it comes to our soundbars. Each soundbar is specifically designed with a built-in amplifier. The BASB27 is designed with a Class-D amp while the BASB26 has a Class A/B amp. Class-D amplifiers are considered the most efficient class of amplifiers while Class A/B amps have long been known for their quality and efficiency. Just like our own amplifiers, the built-in amps in our soundbars are meticulously designed to reduce distortion and produce a higher power output than the competition.

The Belva BASB Soundbars allows you to stream your favorite songs in 3 different formats. Connect your smartphone to the soundbar via AUX input, located on the soundbar. You can also stream music via Bluetooth connectivity. Reach up to 33 ft of crystal clear connectivity.

Each soundbar is IPX tested and rated to determine the soundbar’s ability to withstand water. The IPX rating ranges from IPX0 (no protection to water) to IPX8 (can be fully submerged deeper than 1 meter). Our soundbars have an IPX5, making them perfect to handle any and all-weather conditions. IPX5 means they can safely handle rain, water splashes, and even a light wash.

Weatherproof IPX5 Rating Max Power Rating: 500W Frequency Response: 45Hz – 22kHz Six 3″ Full-Range Drivers Two 1″ Horn Tweeters Built-in Class-D Amplifier Multi-angle clips fit perfectly to ATV and UTV Bluetooth and AUX input for smartphones and MP3

Power Connections:

RED power wire: + 12 Volt constant power (Battery)BLACK ground wire: – 12 Volt (Chassis ground)Blue remote input wire: + 12 Volt (NOTE: This wire must be connected to a switched power source our you will not have audio output)

Six 3″ Full-Range Drivers
Two 1″ Horn Tweeters
Built-in Class-D Amplifier
Dimensions: 27″ W x 4.33″ H x 3.66″ D
Power Handling: Peak: 500 watts each


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