BOSCARE 12-Cup Coffee Maker: Programmable Drip Coffeemaker with Reusable Filter, Multiple Brew Strength, Keep Warm, Black


Product Description

coffee maker1coffee maker1

coffee makercoffee maker

Specifications Capacity: 61 oz (1.8L)12 cups Voltage: 120V Power: 900W Cord Length: 28 inches Coffee Maker Dimensions: 10.8*7.2*13.8 inches Comply with FDA food grade test, BPA free


Start your day with a perfect cup of coffee brewed just in time due to the programmable timer. You can control coffee strength and be sure that it will not be spilled due to Anti-drip design.

30-Seconds Anti-Drip

Reusable Filter

See-Through Window

Dishwasher Safe

Easy to Fill

Package included

Coffee maker, Carafe, Permanent filter basket, Measuring spoon.The filter basket is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.

programmable coffee makerprogrammable coffee maker

Compact Simply Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The BOSCARE Simply Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker is designed to make your morning routine a breeze. It features an easy to fill water tank and a sturdy 12-cup glass coffee pot with a no-drip spout that saves every drop for your cup. The coffee maker also has an automatic “Keep Warm” function that keeps your coffee warm after brewing. Its elegant stainless-steel design will seamlessly fit into your kitchen.

coffee makercoffee maker

【24-Hour Programmable Delay Brew】 – You can wake up every day to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and any other time of the day you like. The digital clock with a fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer on this coffee machine is easy to set up and allows you to prepare your brew in advance.
【Permanent Coffee Filter and Easy-View Water Window】 – The water reservoir is easy to fill and equips with a water window that offers visibility as the tank is filled. The built-in coffee filtration saves money as there is no need for paper filters. Best of all, the accessories including the coffee filter basket, filter holder, and coffee pot are dishwasher safe.
【 30s Anti-drip Function and Easy Brew】 – The anti-drip function allows the coffee to stop brewing after 30 seconds of removing the coffee pot. So now you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the whole batch has been brewed. The special carafe design ensures drip-free and your coffee down to the last drop.No more dripping or mess on your countertops.
【Easy to Use with Unique Rotary Switch】 – Instead of a Traditional Push Button, our CM9408T coffee maker does unique rotary switch settings, which is quite modern, with perfect design,  stainless steel body, and advanced technology. You will love it at first sight, and it also can be a good choice to send to your family or friends as a gift.
【The Best Tasting Coffee 】 – Brew a full pot of coffee using your favorite grounds and with brew-strength control, you can select regular or bold coffee flavor, whatever you like better. The 12 Cups capacity of this coffee machine allows you to share delicious hot coffee with your family and friends at any time.


Advantages of using a superautomatic coffee maker over a capsule or Italian coffee maker

Super-automatic coffee machines have several advantages over capsule and Italian coffee machines:

Greater Versatility: Super-automatic coffeemakers allow you to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the push of a button. On the other hand, capsule coffee machines can only prepare the type of coffee that is in the capsule, and Italian ones can only prepare espresso and its variants.

1.-Greater control over the quality of the coffee: When preparing coffee with a super-automatic coffee maker, you can adjust the coffee grind, the amount of coffee used and the water pressure to obtain the desired flavor. On the other hand, capsule and Italian coffee machines have fewer adjustment options and do not allow as much control over the quality of the coffee.

2.-Less waste: When using a super-automatic coffee maker, less waste is produced than with capsule coffee machines since single-use capsules are not used.

3.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

4.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

5.-Greater capacity: Super-automatic coffee machines usually have a greater capacity for ground coffee and water, which allows you to prepare several cups of coffee without having to refill the coffee or water so frequently.

However, it is important to note that super-automatic coffee machines are usually more expensive and require more maintenance and cleaning than capsule or Italian coffee machines.