Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Additional Receiver Dog GPS Tracker e Collar Green LED Light No Monthly fees Free App Waterproof Smartwatch Control Satellite Real Time Tracking Long Range Smartphone Required


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dogtra dog remote training collar rechargeable waterproof small medium large dogs shock gps huntingdogtra dog remote training collar rechargeable waterproof small medium large dogs shock gps hunting



dogtra dog training collardogtra dog training collar


For over 30 years, Dogtra has collaborated with industry professionals to create tools for e-collar training, GPS tracking, barking, containment, and ball training to support dog owners in developing top-notch dogs. Trusted by professional dog trainers, K-9 officers, and hunters, Dogtra enhances your training journey with durable training products, equipped with accurate and intuitive control, to ensure a great experience.

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How did we get our start?

Dogtra started in a small office in California to satisfy a hunter’s dream of building durable devices for his companions. Now over 30 years later, Dogtra operates in USA, Europe, and Asia manufacturing professional and consumer dog training tools.

What makes our products unique?

Dogtra is the only e-collar brand with IPX9K waterproof rating. Our tools are crafted for the most demanding training environments.

Why do we love what we do?

Make Every Dog Exceptional is not just a tagline. We build tools to help dog owners develop better relationships with their dogs.


dogtra dog remote training collar rechargeable waterproof small medium large dogs shock gps huntingdogtra dog remote training collar rechargeable waterproof small medium large dogs shock gps hunting

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CUT EM’ LOOSE: The PATHFINDER2 ADDITIONAL RECEIVER is an add on receiver for the PATHFINDER2. Dogtra’s PATHFINDER2 is a complete GPS tracking system with the enhanced Dogtra PATHFINDER2 real time tracking and training app. Explore more and track up to 21-dogs in real time with Dogtra PATHFINDER2. The new PATHFINDER2 is NOT compatible with PATHFINDER series.
E-COLLAR FUNCTION BUTTON: The new PATHFINDER2 GPS Connector* allows for direct corrections for a quicker response. You have e-Collar command from both the GPS Connector or in app on your smartphone or smartwatch. PATHFINDER2 GPS Connector & Smartphone are required to operate. *PATHFINDER2 GPS Connector is not included and is required to operate.
SMARTWATCH COMPATIBLE: Smart watch users can now track their dogs from their smartwatch with quick access to the extended PATHFINDER2 dog tracking app that is available for Apple Watch Series 5 and Galaxy Watch4 Series and above. The smartwatch app features access to your GPS receiver, Compass, e-Collar commands, and Maps that provide precise location information.
FREE APP, FREE MAP: No Subscriptions Required and No Monthly Fees. Map views include General, Satellite, and Terrain views. Free maps are powered by Map Box. Offline Maps allow you to save and download maps to be made available in offline mode. Maps provide useful marker settings, notifications, and icons giving you confidence on any adventure.
MORE CORRECTION MODES: PATHFINDER2 ADDITIONAL RECEIVER offers Nick, Constant, and Audible tone, along with the new LED Locate Light and Pager Vibration. PATHFINDER2 also provides battery saving sleep mode, lost collar locator and lock so you can protect your investment.


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