DuoTen Shower Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Shower Radio with Loud Stereo Sound, LED Display, Light Show, Suction Cup, Sturdy Hook for Home, Party, Outdoor, Travel, Pool


Product Description

waterproof speakerwaterproof speaker

How to use true wireless stereo(TWS) function?

1. Turn off the Bluetooth of all devices.

2. Then turn on two speakers until you hear “beep” and they will automatically connect after a few seconds.

3. In TWS mode, no matter which one of the speakers can control sound volume, previous/next song change and etc.

4. Quickly double clicks “play/pause” button will cut off the connection between two speakers.

5. Turn off two speakers and restart them, true wireless stereo(TWS) system will come again.

6. Using true wireless stereo (TWS) function for the first time, both speakers need about one minute to pair.


Why choose DuoTen?

DuoTen is committed to providing our consumers with electronic products that can improve the life quality. While focusing on product quality, we also pay more attention to service to our customers. For any question, we looking forward to receive from your side.

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How to use FM radio mode?

1. Short press the “M” key then will turn to the FM radio mode, long press the “volume +/-” key is to change the station, short press the “volume +/-” key is to adjust the volume.

2. Long press the “play/pause” button to get it to go through channels, short press to lock the radio station range(from No.1 to that station you stop).

How to set the time ?

1. In Bluetooth mode, long press the “play/pause” button, the display will flash the hours first.

2. By using the “volume” button to adjust hour, then short press “play/pause” button again to lock hour. Same way to adjust minutes. (When the speaker is turned off, no clock display.)

12 Hours Playback Time12 Hours Playback Time

360° Stereo Sound 360° Stereo Sound

waterproof speakerwaterproof speaker

12 Hour Playback Time

The shower speaker is fully charged within about 2 hours. And the battery life is up to 12 hours at 1/2 volume. There is no problem of enjoying music throughout the day when you going out.

360° Stereo Sound

Pairing 2 DuoTen F023 wireless Bluetooth speakers via 1 device for double shock surround sound. Newly upgraded chip technology makes the speaker no distortion even if the max volume.

Bluetooth 5.0 & Compatibility

Bluetooth 5.0 version brings you stable signal transmission in 66ft barrier-free range and connect the newest pairing automatically. Suitable for PC, iPhone, iPod, Laptops, Computers, Echo Dot etc.

Colorful Beat-driven Light ShowColorful Beat-driven Light Show

Enjoy Music EverywhereEnjoy Music Everywhere

The Portable You WantThe Portable You Want

Colorful Beat-driven Light Show

DuoTen shower speaker has 5 lighting modes for the 7 color: music rhythm beat light show, 7 colors alternately flashing fast and slowly, locking one of the colors and not lighting.

Loud and Clear

Whether you are at home, office, yacht, or outdoor camping, you can always rely on this wireless Bluetooth speaker to bring you an excellent music experience.

The Portable You Want

The lightweight and scratch-resistant design of the portable Bluetooth speaker means you can travel with easy and is perfect for hiking, cycling, climbing, etc.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL LED DISPLAY-The shower speaker’s LED display allows you to check time, mode, battery, volume, and the LED display design help to identify the keys in different position. In FM radio mode, the shower radio supports to change the station within frequency range and enhance the signal via antenna, bring you a more convenient and comfortable life.
IPX7 FULLY WATERPROOF AND SCRATCH PROOF-Super waterproof protective layer and high-quality silicone surface are the highlights of this waterproof speaker. You can enjoy the tuneful music when taking a bath in bathroom or holding a outdoor pool party with your friends, and no worry for scratching the surface accidentally.
7 COLORS COOL RHYTHM LIGHT SHOW-The Bluetooth speakers with 7 color LED special lights can give your party an exciting atmosphere, leading you become the focus of the audience. Freely customize the light show you want, suitable for home, party, pool, beach even go camping at night. Is one of the best choices to bring romance to your life.
TRUE WIRELESS STEREO FUNCTION-When you connect 2 units F023 wireless Bluetooth speakers through 1 device at the same time, the double shock surround sound can take you 360° all around sound stereo audio enjoyment. Newly upgraded chip technology makes the speaker no distortion even if the max volume. Great for friends gathering and you will like it!
LONG PLAYTIME AND PORTABLE CARRY-The ultra-portable speakers equipped with rechargeable high-performance Li-ion battery. Up to 12 hours playback time allows you to get rid of the constraints of time and space, no matter from morning to night. The strong portable carabiner clip support you to take it everywhere, hiking, cycling, boating, climbing and so on.


Benefits of quality speakers

With quality speakers, you can expect a much better listening experience. One of the main advantages is that they provide clearer and more accurate sound, allowing you to hear all the details in your favorite music or movies. This is because these speakers are designed to reproduce a wider and more accurate frequency range, which means you can hear the lowest and highest sounds more clearly.

In addition, quality speakers typically have a more powerful and immersive sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the listening experience. This is especially useful when watching movies, as it allows you to feel as if you are in the scene itself.

Another advantage of quality speakers is their durable and sturdy construction. Quality speakers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand prolonged use. This means that you can enjoy high-quality sound for many years without having to worry about the need to replace them.

In short, quality speakers offer a much better listening experience, with clearer, more accurate and powerful sound, better bass and treble reproduction, and a durable, rugged construction for long-lasting use.

There are several types of speakers, including:

1.-Box speakers: these are the most common speakers and are used in a variety of applications, from home sound systems to professional sound equipment.

2.-Column speakers: they are similar to box speakers, but have a taller and more streamlined design.

3.-Satellite speakers: are small speakers that are used in conjunction with a subwoofer to provide surround sound.

4.-Tweeter and midrange speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce high and mid-frequency sounds.

5.-Bass speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce low frequency sounds, such as bass.

6.-Wireless speakers: speakers that connect to a device via a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

7.-Home theater speakers: these are specialized speakers used in home theater systems to provide high-quality, immersive sound.

8.-Monitor speakers: these are specialized speakers used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-Bookshelf speakers: are medium-sized speakers that are placed on a shelf or furniture, ideal for small environments and to complement a home sound system.