ePathChina DC12V 400W 8 Sound Loud Car Warning Alarm Police Siren Horn Speaker with MIC System and Remote Control


Sound Level: 120-150dB
Power: 400W
Voltage: 12V
Material Type: ABS + Metal
Item Type: Siren Horns
Rated Power: 400 W
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Waterproof: Yes
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Product Weight: 3696 G / 130.37 Ounces
Product Dimensions(L*W*H): 230*170*125 MM / 9.06*6.69*4.92 Inches
Place of Application: SUV,Bus,Off-road,ATV,Wagon,UTB,Forklift,Truck,Motorcycle,Motorbike,Bike,Car,Van,Truck,Pickup

Control Box Wiring Method:

– The main red line is connected to the positive electrode of the battery.
– The black line is connected to the negative pole, and the other 2 green wires are connected with the horn.
– The white and yellow can be connected to each other by 2 flashing lights.

Speaker Features:

– The speakers are individually packaged.
– A Neo driver which is known to deliver a robust low frequency sound.
– Weather-proof housing case.
– Clear sound frequency.
– Built-In bracket for mounting.
– Non-corrosive finish.
– Universal to all Siren.
– Rated Voltage: 12 V
– Output Power: 200 W

Speaker Installation Precautions:

– No installation guide provided, please consult with car audio installer or mechanic.
– Custom installation required.
– Requires 12V Power delivered to 2 wires.
– You may have to extend the wire between the speaker and the control module if you are mounting this in your engine bay.
– You must bolt the speaker to an appropriate place in the grill or under the hood of the vehicle, then wire it to a siren head unit to drive it or connect it to a PA amp.

Control Box:

– 1 x Remote Control
– 1 x USB Nozzle
– 3 x Wiring Accessories
– 1 x Fuse
– Control Box Package Size: 230 * 170 * 55 MM
– Control Box Package Weight: 1000 G
– Speaker Box Package Size: 170 * 150 * 70 MM
– Speaker Box Package Weigh
The tone produced by the microcomputer programming, with strong anti jamming performance. Clear sound frequency. Non-corrosive finish.
Low energy consumption, long life and reliable performance, Easy to operate.
With 8 kinds of sound, can control 2 LED lights with accessory switches.
Have voice amplification and other functions, suitable for all kinds of special vehicles to use.


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