FULODE FX8 III professional KTV digital Pre-stage Effector one-button anti-howling audio processor 4input Echo


FULODE FX8 III digital mixer mixer microphone KTV karaoke audio processor anti-call digital mixer (no microphone, silver). “110V” Dear guests, don’t worry when you see that the power socket shows 220V. This product is 110V American plug. I hope you can use the received product happily. If you have any questions, you can contact me to help you. Karaoke mixer KTV front reverb effect device: upgrade, built-in effect chip, Bluetooth connection, enjoy music. Digital karaoke processor intelligent one-touch call: adopt multi-point frequency shift technology, which can effectively suppress the call and avoid sound reverberation, making your singing more vivid. Multi-function input port of karaoke processor: front panel two-way/back panel two-way microphone input port, supporting microphone volume adjustment/bass adjustment/treble adjustment; Support optical fiber/Bluetooth/USB audio input. Note: If optical fiber connection is used, the buyer’s audio output device must have an optical fiber output interface to use the audio processor [fine tuning of various music parameters]. With the hidden metal adjustment knob, you can adjust the music and voice in detail. Only one screw can be loosened to obtain professional sound quality.
Digital karaoke processor and card package adjustment make debugging more convenient, simple and concise.
The mixer audio microphone is equipped with 6-level parameter balance adjustment.
The audio processor has a wider adjustment range, which is more exquisite and softer, and will not damage the original sound, improving the effect of single-frequency sound quality
Widely used: weddings, concerts, bars, outdoor performances and other occasions. Note: If optical fiber connection is used, the buyer’s audio output device must have optical fiber output interface to use
110V Dear guests, please don’t worry when you see the 220V power socket. This product is 110V American plug. I hope you can use it happily. After receiving the product, if you encounter any problems in using or connecting, please contact us immediately. We are happy to help you, support sending video tutorials, and strive to provide good customer service.
Note: This product needs to be equipped with power amplifier


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