Genius Audio GPRO-01D72 3″ Compression Driver, 80 Watts RMS – 400 Watts Max, Car Audio Pro Midrange and Tweeter Driver, Bolt on Titanium Diaphragm, Ferrite Magnet, 8 Ohm, Copper Voice Coil (1 Driver)


Each of Genius Audio’s professional controllers is manufactured with high precision, using the latest technology, since our products are demanded to the maximum both in laboratory tests and in real tests, the GPRO-01D72 professional 3 “voice coil controller, is recognized for its excellent performance, reliability and power handling as it helps reinforce high and mid-high frequency work that other speakers do not. Ensuring high efficiency and high-quality sound in pro audio applications
MOTOR STRUCTURE: Titanium Diaphragm Ferrite Y35 Magnet 3″ high temperature round CCAW voice coil, top quality materials for the best drivers in the market
2″ EXIT BOLT ON: Built for easy instalation, sturdy horn attachment, and to protect the voice coil in order to deliver high quality loud sound
3″ PROFESSIONAL DRIVER: Compression loudspeaker for competition SPL or personal use
SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency Response: 500Hz – 18KHz Sensitivity 110 dB Impedance 8 Ohms


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