Gretess Espresso Machine, Coffee Machine Programmable Buttons for Espresso and Lungo, Capsule Coffee Maker, Italian 20 Bar High Pressure Pump, 34 Oz Water Tank, White, OPT-07MW-NEW


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Espresso Coffee Machine


GRETESS is committed to the development and manufacturing of coffee peripheral products. We have 20 years of manufacturing history and 5 years of experience in the American market. Each product is the result of market research and constant feedback from consumers. Just for all coffee lovers to drink a cup of qualified coffee when they need us. There will be more and more new product launches in the future…

What’s new from GRETESS?

Gretess Espresso Coffee Set






Gretess espresso machine original offers two coffee sizes with buttons for Espresso and Lungo, pre-heat water for 50 seconds so you can be sipping quickly. And its water tank holds 34Oz water, so you won’t have to refill it again and again when you’re serving guests with this espresso maker.
The espresso machine use a high-pressure, 20-bar extraction system to release the full aroma and flavor of each capsule. The high pressure also helps to ensure proper water distribution through the ground coffee for consistently delicious cups. Plus, the water tank are easily removable and simply cleaning, you don’t need to grind any beans or clean up any mess like you do with a traditional espresso coffee maker.
This one-touch espresso capsules machine is equipped with automatic shut-off that turns the machine off if it hasn’t been used for 9 minutes, it is a great safety feature when you forget to turn off the machine before running out the door in the morning. And the espresso maker includes overheating function, it provides additional safety. What ‘s more, comes with capsule tray, it holds up 18pcs capsule that means you don’t have to cleanup in every time use.
Our espresso coffee machine compatible with originalline capsules. Simply insert a capsule and press a few buttons to make a delicious dose of caffeine by our capsule coffee maker. The espresso machine original is equipped with special coffee foam system, you’ll get perfect foam every time, which any espresso lover will appreciate.
We are committed to serving customers with reliable quality products and 1-Year warranty. Please feel free to let us know if you have any request (product quality problems, packaging problems), we will solve your problem within 24 hours!


Advantages of using a superautomatic coffee maker over a capsule or Italian coffee maker

Super-automatic coffee machines have several advantages over capsule and Italian coffee machines:

Greater Versatility: Super-automatic coffeemakers allow you to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the push of a button. On the other hand, capsule coffee machines can only prepare the type of coffee that is in the capsule, and Italian ones can only prepare espresso and its variants.

1.-Greater control over the quality of the coffee: When preparing coffee with a super-automatic coffee maker, you can adjust the coffee grind, the amount of coffee used and the water pressure to obtain the desired flavor. On the other hand, capsule and Italian coffee machines have fewer adjustment options and do not allow as much control over the quality of the coffee.

2.-Less waste: When using a super-automatic coffee maker, less waste is produced than with capsule coffee machines since single-use capsules are not used.

3.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

4.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

5.-Greater capacity: Super-automatic coffee machines usually have a greater capacity for ground coffee and water, which allows you to prepare several cups of coffee without having to refill the coffee or water so frequently.

However, it is important to note that super-automatic coffee machines are usually more expensive and require more maintenance and cleaning than capsule or Italian coffee machines.