Home Theater 5.1 Surround Sound Distribution Wall Plate 10 Banana Binding Post Coupler for 5 Speakers and 1 RCA for Subwoofer


5.1 Surround Sound Distribution Wall Plate

Gold Plated 10 banana ports for 5 speakers and 1 RCA subwoofer port that fits for 5.1 surround sound applications. It is made of hard plastic – ABS, tough, durable and it is widely used housing material of electrical appliances that protect against damages. The wall plate with banana and RCA connectors is easy to install, it comes with components and screws required for installation. It is not necessary to purchase additional parts or components. Simply assembly the connectors to the wall plate and fix the wall plate by the screws given. It does not even require soldering for installation.

Installation Guide:

1.Connect the banana plug, spade connecter or speaker wire to the back of the binding posts in the insert and RCA plug to RCA jack 2.Fasten the banana post insert to the faceplate with the shorter screws 3.Attach the assembled wall plate to the wall bracket 4.Connect the banana plugs, spade connectors or speaker wire to the front and RCA cable to RCA jack to the front

Package Content
One Unit of Wall plate with 10 banana connectors, 1 RCA subwoofer connector and screws required for installation

Comes with 10 banana binding posts for 5 speakers and 1 RCA subwoofer connector. Each banana binding post comes with Red or Black ring label on both front and back for easy identification
All ports are gold plated that enhance transmission and durability. Banana binding post designed to be used with banana plugs, spades or bare wire that are smooth and corrosion-free.
Made of hard plastic – ABS that is tough and durable
Easy to install that does not require soldering. Package includes all screws required for installation


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