INNOTRIK Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone | 360-Degree Voice Pickup & Noise Canceling Conference Room Omnidirectional Microphone | USB Conference Microphone Bluetooth Speakerphone


Product Description

Conference SpeakerConference Speaker

Why Choose Us?

The INNOTRIK USB Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone Conference Room Omnidirectional Microphone is the ideal supplement for your home office rather than tiring communicating with people via phone or web chat especially multiple voices on one screen, and you can enjoy the smooth calling experience by a full-duplex ensuring your remote conference call without any interruption. ( The INNOTRIK Conference Speaker can be connected via Bluetooth or USB 2.0 Plug, but it is compatible with Computer that supports USB 2.0 Port via USB Plug, and compatible with all phone & computer via Bluetooth Pair )

bluetooth speakerphonebluetooth speakerphone

INNOTRIK USB Bluetooth Speakerphone with Omnidirectional Mic

Premium Audio Noise Canceling Computer Speakers with Microphone

Our Advantages:

Industry-leading 384ms Noise Canceling Conference Room Omnidirectional MicrophoneSuper Clear Sound without any harsh to cuts out background noiseTelephone Audio Conferencing Omnidirectional Speakerphone for 3-5 personsFull-duplex call technology without any interruption2 Connection Mode: Bluetooth or USB 2.0 (Please connect one of them)Voice pickup radius can reach 9.8ft Easy to Use

Wireless Function: USB cable can be entangled to be the bottom as a Bluetooth speaker with microphone via BluetoothWired: 1.1m/3.61ft Length USB 2.0 cable can be pulled out from the bottom to connect to the computer Tips

Bluetooth switch to USB Plug: Please disconnect the bluetooth if you switch to plug via USB 2.0, Or it doesn’t workCompatible for Computer: Only compatible with Computer that supports USB 2.0 if connecting via USB plugBluetooth Range: Keep the device and your PC/ Phone within 3 m distance if Bluetooth pairVoice pickup radius can reach 9.8ft

Package: 1* Portable Conference Microphone Speaker 1* Manual 1* USB 2.0 Cable ( 1.1m/3.61ft Length ) 1 Protective Case

conference microphone speakerconference microphone speaker

speakers bluetooth wirelessspeakers bluetooth wireless

Conference Call SpeakerConference Call Speaker

blutooth speakerphoneblutooth speakerphone

usb speakerphoneusb speakerphone

omnidirectional microphoneomnidirectional microphone

The Bluetooth conference speaker with mic -industry-leading 384ms noise Canceling & dynamic noise reduction processing technology can optimize your voice effectively , which can ensure everyone’s voice be heard clearly

The wireless conference speaker can be connected via Bluetooth pair within 3 m distance

Connect Your PC or MAC via USB to the wireless microphone conference speaker, No Driver Required for Stable Meeting Communication Experience, only compatible with computer that supports USB 2.0 port

The Bluetooth speakerphone can support an 8-10 hours frequent communication, please charge them before use

omnidirectional microphoneomnidirectional microphone

bluetooth microphone and speakerbluetooth microphone and speaker

conference speakerconference speaker

The noise-canceling technology ensures excellent audio clarity on both ends of the line. and ensure your conversation Smoothly & Effectively. Plus, it’s 360-degree Omnidirectional microphone enables use with 3-5 participants.

The ideal supplement for your home office. The Conference Call Speakerphone makes you feel your business partner is by your side although you are working at home.

The compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker for a conference with a travel case ensures you can easily take it away on business trips, or home use for online class, meeting

conference speakerphoneconference speakerphone

Some Concerns before Purchasing:

1.Does Bluetooth Conference Speaker work with Microsoft teams?

Yes, the conference microphone works with Team, Skype for Business, Zoom, Facebook, and other commonly calling software like WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime, etc as well as computers running Windows 7/8/10 or macOS.

2. Can the Conference Microphone be used for music and the occasional call?

Yes, its definition is a conference speaker, mainly used as a conference calls, we don’t recommend it used as a music speaker

3. How does the USB Speakerphone work for noise-canceling?

The usb conference microphone is omnidirectional and designed for a group to speak within 3 meters, it can’t pick up the voice with a distance exceeds 3m. (not sure, need to confirm)

4. If Bluetooth Speakerphone is Full-duplex audio?

Yes, the Bluetooth Speakerphone is full-duplex audio, so people can even talk over each other, and make more natural calls where nuance matters such as hearing the other person on the line sighing. We need these audible cues

5. Can the Bluetooth and USB Plug connection funtion together?

No, please choose bluetooth or usb 2.0 plug, but if your computer doesn’t support usb 2.0 port, kindly suggest to connect via bluetooth

6. The solution about the problems that the device can’t turn on, no sound, or doesn’t work?

Charge it if no indicator when pressing, or it is compatibility or setting problems if the indicator light but no sound, just set the output of mic and speaker to this usb conference speaker, or bluetooth pair within 3 m distance, or just re-start the device

7. The distance of Voice pickup radius can reach ?

It’s 9.8 ft

[ Smooth & Effectively Conference Experience without any Disruption ] Our Premium Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone can help focus on the conference systems other than losing attention if any disruption due to the technical issues, easy to set up and not distort by plugging the Bluetooth speakerphone into your PC via USB, or Bluetooth Pair
[ Clear Sound Quality without any Irrespective of the Environment ] The upgraded voice processing technology of the Conference Room Omnidirectional Microphone can Intelligent dynamic noise reduction, and industry-leading noise cancellation within 3m distance, which can enhance voice and filter the background noise like air conditioning noise, keyboard clicks,dog barking, kids crying, etc.
[ Stable & Clarity Voice to Enjoy Your Conference Call ] With the upgraded audio processing technology, this USB conference Microphone is able to identify the distance of the sound source ( 48K sampling rate ), automatically adjust the sound volume to realize self-volume balance, and provide a smooth and clear call experience
[ A Must-Have Tool for Multi-Person Conferencing ] The Bluetooth Speakerphone is arranged in an array of 360-degree. and ensures that the conference room microphone pick up voice from the entire room, perfect for 3-5 people’s conferences
[ Ultra Strong Compatibility ] The Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone can compatible with Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts, facetime, and more. Support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Perfect for home office, online class, business trips!


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