KabelDirekt – Banana Plugs – 5 Pairs (for Speaker Wire, AWG 10-16, Allow Flexible Connection to Speakers, amplifiers, A/V receivers, Power amplifiers & Stereo Systems, Fixing Screws, Gold Plated)


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KabelDirekt qualityKabelDirekt quality

No matter whether it’s a simple charging cable or a professional network solution, with every KabelDirekt product you get to enjoy a premium product designed by the company itself that undergoes a rigorous five-stage test.

KabelDirekt aims to ensure your complete satisfaction with its products, so we’re here for you if you’re experiencing issues or have any questions.

Enter the world of KabelDirekt

How did we get our start?

KabelDirekt is a family company founded in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. We started small and have grown big, yet remain true to our founding mission: To provide premium cables that excel through their quality and design.

What makes our products unique?

We develop and design all our own products in Germany. Our quality control processes are unparalleled – every product undergoes a rigorous five-stage test.

Why do we love what we do?

We wake up thinking about how we can serve you even better, never losing sight of our aim to provide you with the best cables at the best prices.

KabelDirekt qualityKabelDirekt quality

Quality, designed in Germany

Secure connection: Leaf springs ensure the plug remains securely connected to the socket for optimal contact, while the dual screw locks guarantee the speaker wire stays securely connected to the plug
Interference-free sound: Premium 24K gold plating on all internal and external surfaces protects against oxidization for a lifetime of use
36 months manufacturer warranty
NOTE: Amplifier binding posts often have tiny plastic caps inside them that you’ll need to remove before inserting a banana plug. Please refer to your amp’s user guide for further details


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