LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 10.4 Inch Radio Replacement for RAM 2013-2018 Trucks 1500 2500 3500 GPS Navigation Android Head Unit Multimedia Player HDMI/BT/USB/AUX/WiFi Car Stereo TS-DGPU10-4RR-4B


Product Description


Operation System Android 8.1 Operating System Cpu PX6 Six-Core Ram 4GB Memory 64GB USB 2 USB inputs (1 factory input 1 auxiliary) Wifi Support Radio AM/FM AM/FM Radio w/RDS (12 FM presets 6 AM presets plus My Favorite Stations) HDMI Output Support Steering Wheel Control Support Language English German French Italian Spanish etc. Mirror Link ZLINK(Support Apple Carplay & Android Auto) GPS navigation Support Google Maps Waze IGO etc. Camera Input Support aftermarket front rear or right cameras Screen 10.4″ HD touch screen with 1024*768 resolution Microphone External Microphone Bluetooth BT 5.0 w/APTX Loss Less Music Streaming



Applicable Models

Applicable models: This Gen 4 radio fits for 2013 to 2018 RAM 1500 2500 3500.Plug and Play Installation with Factory-Compatible Wiring Harness.

Support Carplay & Android Auto

With PhoneLink,this GEN 4 allows iPhone and Android users to activate and use Car Play (Apple) or Android Auto (Android) to enjoy a seamless experience on the T-style Screen by connecting your factory charging cable to the specific USB input.

Internet streaming services

By connecting the Linkswell GEN4 T-Style to a mobile or smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot, users can access the Internet through a browser that displays full web pages with multiple tabs and search capability. They can also use their subscription-based streaming services like Pandora Internet Radio, SiriusXM Satellite radio, Spotify and more by downloading the Android-compatible apps .

Exclusive Features AM/FM Radio w/RDS (12 FM presets, 6 AM presets, plus My Favorite Stations ) USB Music and Video player w/1080P Video 4X45 Watt built-in amplifier w/DSP & EQ 5 Volt RCA Preouts (Front, Rear, Sub) Retain vehicles factory reverse cameras Support aftermarket front, rear or right cameras Display factory parking sensors (if equipped) App List w/Google Play Store for personal app downloads

Factory Features Retained: (if present)

USB PortsSteering wheel controlsFactory backup cameraFactory 360 camera systemFactory rear sensors w/audio feedback (mid-year 2016 & newer)Manual HVAC controls (will not convert MANUAL to DUAL controls)Dual HVAC controlsFactory heated seatsFactory cooled seatsFactory remote start

Factory Features NOT Retained: (if present)

UConnect featuresSatellite radioHD radioCD PlayerAir suspension settingsDriver Information Center radio & navigation displays

On-Screen Climate & Navi.& HDMI & AM/FM Radio

onscreen climateonscreen climate




On-Screen Climate

The climate controls are recreated on-screen, allowing the driver to access all related features.

On Screen/touch screen climate controls – if equipped A/C, Dual Zone Climate, Seat heaters/coolers, defroster, etc.

GPS Navigation

Built-in GPS Receiver module with external GPS antenna, and Google Maps app is installed as the default gps map, users may need to download offline map data for certain area for offline navigation if preferred. Other map/navigation apps such as waze,IGO,etc.from Google Play Store can also be installed.

HDMI Output

Your new T-Style radio equips with an HDMI video/audio output.

AM/FM Radio

Built-in AM/FM radio with RDS(12 FM presets,6 AM presets, plus My Favorite Stations).You can listen to real time traffic,news broadcasts,weather forecasts.With connecting to the hotspot, you can also download the Android-compatible APP such as Pandora Internet Radio, SiriusXM Satellite radio, Spotify and more into the radio.


1.Why does the clock keep changing time on my T-Style Radio?

The system receives data for the clock from a few different sources which can sometimes cause the clock to change times. To fix the clock issues, follow these steps:

Go to “Settings”

Then “More Settings”

Scroll to find “Date & Time”

Be sure you turn off all the “Automatic” settings

After turning off all Automatic settings go to manually set “Time Zone”

(You have to set the time zone before you change the time or the time will revert to the time zone that it is set at)

After setting the time Zone the clock should show the correct time.

If the clock skips an hour

Go back to “General Settings”

Press the clock Icon and switch the “DST” option

If that doesn’t fix it go back to the Time Zone options and select a time zone that makes the time display correctly on the screen.

2.Will the T-Style system make my manual climate controls into the dual and or Automatic controls?

No. Our system will turn your manual controls into touch screen controls but it will not add the functions of the Automatic temp control or dual climate control.

3.Will I lose Chrysler UConnect when I install the T-Style Radio?

Yes. Our T-Style radio is a complete aftermarket radio replacement so it will replace all the factory Chrysler Uconnect parts.

This includes the UConnect phone app and tracking.

4.Will my factory camera still work?

Yes. We retain your factory back up camera.

We can only retain the tailgate handle camera. We can not retain the 3rd brake light camera.

5.Can I add an aftermarket camera to the T-Style radio?

Yes. Our systems come with 3 dedicated camera inputs, front, right and rear.


6.Will I need to purchase any other parts to install a vehicle specific T-Style into my car?

No. Our system comes 100% complete with everything needed for a standard installation.

And We have upgraded the power harness to be compatible for both High Audio(with ALPINE) and Low Audio(without ALPINE). There is a white JUMPER connector in the main power harness says High Audio(with ALPINE)or Low Audio(without ALPINE), if your car comes with Alpine Amp, connect to the High Audio(with ALPINE) side. If your car doesn’t come with Alpine Amp, connect to the Low Audio(without ALPINE).

7.Does the T-Style Radio retain the factory Bluetooth microphones?

No. In order for us to keep track of quality control when it comes to how well our Bluetooth functions we have to use our own external microphone.

8.Will the T-Style Radios work with an iPhone?

Yes. Our system will work with both Android and Apple phones. You can connect either through the Bluetooth to do handsfree calling and music streaming. Or you can use CarPlay or Android Auto by plugging your original charging cable to the specified USB input of this Gen 4 T-style radio.

9.Can I go online with the T-Style radios?

Yes. Our T-Style radios are Android Tablets and so are able to do the majority of the same things a standard tablet can do. Like access to the Google Play store for apps, and a web browser for internet exploring. The system requires a Hot Spot of some sort, either from your homes WiFi, your internet provider local hotspots, or cell phones hotspot.

10.Can I connect a T-Style Radio to aftermarket amplifiers?

Yes. We have Front, Rear and Sub (5V) RCA outputs that you can connect to your aftermarket amplifiers.

GPS Navigation & WiFi Connect: Built-in WiFi module, online map such as Google Map and Waze can be supported with hotspot shared from your phone. You can also download the offline map on the Google Map.
PhoneLink & Steering Wheel Control: You can connect your phone to the dedicated USB port marked PhoneLink and click the APP of PhoneLink on the radio to activate the Carplay or Android Auto first time.PhoneLink functionality is not guaranteed using aftermarket phone charging cables. In order to insure the best operation, ONLY use the charging cable that came with your phone. Support Steering Wheel Control.
Bluetooth & AM/FM Radio: BT 5.0 w/APTX Loss Less Music Streaming, support hands free call, phone book download and music play. AM/FM Radio w/RDS (12 FM presets, 6 AM presets, plus My Favorite Stations).
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