Mejorana Hoja Secada Orgánica Especia – Hojas Hierba Origanum Majorana

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valley of tea loose leaf tea oolong black white green pu-erh herbal teasvalley of tea loose leaf tea oolong black white green pu-erh herbal teas

We love for tea, we love tea, and we long for our next cup.

If you love tea too, you’ve found a kindred spirit.

We only source and supply the freshest, finest teas available. Teas where the taste of the earth in which the trees grew infuses every sip. Teas where the hard work of artisan farmers comes through in heady aromas. Teas that we’re absolutely certain you’ll love.

That’s what Valley of Tea is all about.

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Official Name
Urtica Dioica Moringaceae Ginkgo Biloba Passiflora incarnata Melissa officinalis Ribes nigrum

Rich and Mellow tea, great iced or hot. Light and earthy, quite herbalceous and green. A lovly tea, also try it in a salad! Reminds me of a sweet green spinach, loaded with antioxidants. Rich and Mellow tea, great iced or hot. I quite enjoy it. This tea is so sweet and lemony with a very nice coating aroma. It’s good for multiple infusions and a staple in our house. Sweet, pungent and deeply fruity a great tea that is easy to make and pairs well with all sorts of sweets.

Refreshing tea Super Food Superfood, natural detox and rich in antioxidants Calming herbal tea Lemon sweet tea Whole Organic Black Currant Leaves




Only the Freshest Teas

We know that freshness is the secret to a wonderful cup of tea, and so do the artisan farmers we work with. There’s only one way to find tea fresher than that which Valley of Tea sells, and that’s to head to a tea plantation for yourself with a tea pot and some hot water!

Artisan Teas from Artisan Growers

We take pride in our teas because they’re the culmination of generations of hard work. We seek out the finest artisan tea farms – from the foothills of the Himalayas to the slopes of Fujian. No matter where the greatest teas are grown, we seek them out.

We Find Rare Teas

Some teas are hard to find. Connoisseurs and aficionados are always looking for rare teas. We know just where to find them, and how to get them to your cup in peak condition.

Whether you’re looking for a natural pure tea, or a healthful, relaxing blend, all of our teas contain only the finest, freshest natural ingredients with no added flavours. What are you waiting for?

Each tea comes with detailed information on brewing the perfect cup. We have all of the tea you could ever want – and all you’ll need is a teapot and a cup.

La mejorana tiene un aroma dulce y un sabor delicado que recuerda al orégano, pero menos intenso y sin ese característico toque especiado.
Esta mejorana orgánica de alta calidad en hojas procede de un pequeño cultivo donde respetan al máximo las antiguas tradiciones.
Mejora todo tipo de especialidades culinarias con un inconfundible sabor reconfortante y un aroma intenso.
Recuerda a la albahaca y el orégano. Es ideal para platos a base de pollo, rellenos, sopas, salsas, ensaladas y verduras.