OUKITEL WP7 Rugged Smartphone,Night Vision Camera 6GB + 128GB Helio P90 Waterproof Unlocked Android 10 Cell Phone 6.53” FHD+ Global 4G LTE Dual SIM, IP68 Triple Cameras NFC Cellphone


Product Description

oukitel rugged mobile phoneoukitel rugged mobile phone

oukitel wp7oukitel wp7



Processor: MT6779

Memory: 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM(support 256GB expansion)

Support for extended memory: 256GB


Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie

Display:6.53 inches FHD +19.5:9 Display (2340*1080 pixels)+5 points Multi-point Touch

Camera: 48M AF+8M FF+0.3M FF rear Camera + 16M FF front camera

Dimensions: 174 * 81 * 17 mm

OUKITEL WP7 is an indestructible super module flagship rugged phone.Ideal for users who need stability in outdoor, fishing operations, oil drilling platforms, mining workers, steel mold factories.


OUKITEL WP7x1 User manual x1 Type-Cx1 Charger x1 Ear Jack Adapter x1 OTGx1 SIM card pin x1

Global bands,Supporting 99% Carriers in The World

global bandsglobal bands

Supported Frequency Bands:




TDD:34/38/39/40/41(HPUE- Power Class2,120M:2535-2655MHz)



LTE base band:




Built-in 8MP Infrared Night Vision Camera

camera camera

The WP7 is the advanced phone with a rugged night-vision camera. It can be used as a portable night vision camera to take clear images even in zero light environment. Find small things lost in the dark, take pictures outdoors at night, record scenes in the dark, fish at night, see what you need to help you avoid some risks. It’s very versatile, and if you want to search for things in bed or between beds,WP7 can access and see what you can’t do, it just expands your horizons. Or you can record something in the dark. Rendered with P90, the image shows details that others cannot access.Combined with Helio octa-core processor, get perfect night vision images.

Ultra Flashlight Module

ultra flashlight module ultra flashlight module

The WP7 is also a modular phone.The back of the WP7 can be connected to other modules that require power. It has double LED and it’s irradiation distance can reach 200 miles.The official attachment is a glare module that should be purchased separately. The 8000 mAh battery as the power supply for the lighting module. It needs a long time of illumination for safety through dark paths, mountains, trees, etc., and shines brighter and longer lights. SOS alerts, long distance, long lighting to help you survive outdoor hazards.

Oukitel WP7 Features





Helio P90 8GB+128GB

The 12nm octa-core Helio P90 Al processor provides a smooth operating experience with low power consumption and less heat dissipation. Multi-task operations or massive 3D games can run at their highest performance .With 128GB ROM in Oukitel WP7, your apps and games will never be limited.

8000mAh Huge Battery

Equipped with an 8000mah battery that doubles the capacity of a standard smartphone of the same ize. Also with Mediatek’s Corepilot technology and LPDDR4X RAM delivering excellent power efficien cy, the Oukitel WP7 provides the perfect experience without worrying about running out of juice.

48MP Triple Camera

48MP-+8MP+2MP triple camera with F/1.79 big aperture capture the Scene, record your greatest moments.

The improved 48MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup powered by Mediatek Helio P90 and the f/1. 79 big aperture together with the new software algorithm. The Oukitel WP7 can record sharp footage of your moment in up to 4K resolution at FHD.

Military Grade Rugged Phone

The WP7 is military grade,and has passed low pressure、acidic atmosphere、humidity、solar radiation test.

7nm Demensity 700 12nm Helio P90 12nm MT6762D 16nm MT6761

CPU Speed
8 cores of 2G GHz 8 cores of 2G GHz 8 cores of 1.8 GHz 4 cores of 2GHz

Ram and Rom
8GB+128GB 6GB + 128GB 4GB + 64GB 4GB + 128GB

5G 700Mbp/s Unlocked 4G Unlocked 4G Unlocked 4G Unlocked

48MP Sony Quad Camera 48MP + Night Vision Camera 16MP Triple 13MP Triple

4K Video
Support not not not

2400*1800 Retina Display 2340*1080 HD+ HD+

8000mAh 8000mAh 5000mAh 4000mAh

IP69k IP69k IP69k not waterproof

1.5m face down, 10m side 1.5m face down, 10m side 1.5m face down, 10m side not dropproof

[Extended Modular] WP7 back can be attached with other modules needing power. Official attachment is a glare module which should be bought separately. 8000mAh battery as a power supply for the glare modules, shining brighter and longer light through dark path, mountains, trees where long time of light needed for safe. SOS alert, long distance, long duration of light helps you go through outdoor danger.
[12nm Flagship Advanced CPU Processor & 6GB + 128GB] Advanced MT6779 Octa-core P90 utilized in WP7, P90 has AI integrated function, more vivid pictures rendering output than former models. 12nm processor + 6GB RAM handles massive 3D games you like anyway you like. Stable and smooth functions in most situation and tasks on WP7. 128GB ROM stores more apps and videos shot in no light or daylight.
[48MP + 8MP + 2MP & 8000mAh & Dual SIM] 48MP back main camera plus 2MP Depth Camera capture clear pixels from scenes. 8000mAh high capacity keeps the phone with 1000 hours of standby, 100 hours calling, 52 hours of music time, 14 hours of gaming or watching videos. WP7 also can act as portable battery. Dual SIM support world 3G 4G GSM 2/3/5/8, WCDMA 1/2/4/5/6/8, TDS 34/39, TDD 34/38/39/40/41, FDD, CDMA
[NFC & 6.53’’ & Military Grade & Comprehensive Navigation] NFC supported, working time at -30 degree to 70 degree, 1.5m drop resistance, dust and mud proof, through low pressure test, ph test, humidity test, solar radiation test, GPS support beidou Galileo, Glonass, Gyroscope, Barometer, Face and fingerprint unlock, compass, pig hanging, gradienter, height meter, magnifier, barometer, protractor.


15 Different types of fixed and mobile phones:

1.-Landline phones: Fixed phones that use a wired connection to the telephone network, typically found in homes and offices. They are reliable and offer clear voice quality.

2.-Cordless phones: Fixed phones that operate wirelessly within a certain range of the base station. They offer greater flexibility than landline phones, allowing users to move around while on a call.

3.-VoIP phones: Fixed phones that use internet protocols to transmit voice calls. They offer low-cost calling and advanced features such as video calling, call forwarding, and virtual phone numbers.

4.-PBX phones: Fixed phones that are part of a private branch exchange (PBX) system used in offices and businesses. They offer advanced call routing, voicemail, and conferencing features.

5.-Satellite phones: Mobile phones that use satellite communication technology to make and receive calls. They are ideal for use in remote areas where traditional phone networks are not available.

6.-Feature phones: Basic mobile phones that primarily offer calling and texting functionality. They often have physical keypads and limited storage and processing capabilities.

7.-Smartphones: Advanced mobile phones with features like internet connectivity, touchscreens, high-resolution cameras, and access to various apps. They offer a wide range of functionalities and can be used for a variety of tasks such as entertainment, communication, and productivity.

8.-Phablets: Mobile devices that are larger than a traditional smartphone but smaller than a tablet, typically with a screen size between 5.5 and 7 inches. They offer the convenience of a smartphone with the added benefit of a larger screen.

9.-Flip phones: Mobile phones with a hinge that allows them to fold in half, protecting the screen and keypad. They offer a compact and portable design, with some models also offering advanced features like cameras and internet connectivity.

10.-Slider phones: Mobile phones that feature a sliding mechanism that reveals a physical keyboard or other features. They were popular in the early 2000s and are less common today.

11.-Bar phones: Mobile phones that have a rectangular shape, with the screen and keypad positioned on the same surface. They are often low-cost and offer basic features like calling, texting, and internet connectivity.

12.-Rugged phones: Mobile phones that are designed to withstand tough conditions, such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures. They are ideal for use in outdoor activities or harsh work environments.

13.-Business phones: Mobile devices designed for business use, typically with advanced security features, email and calendar integration, and access to productivity tools. They offer a range of functionalities for professionals such as video conferencing and remote access to work files.

14.-Gaming phones: Mobile devices optimized for gaming, typically with high-end processors, fast refresh rates, and advanced cooling systems. They offer the best possible gaming experience with features such as high-quality screens, powerful speakers, and ergonomic design.

15.-Camera phones: Mobile phones with high-quality cameras, typically with multiple lenses and advanced features for capturing and editing photos and videos. They offer a range of functionalities for photography enthusiasts, such as manual controls, RAW capture, and image stabilization.