Portable Sound Bar for TV/PC, 105dB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless & Wired Soundbar with 2200 mAh Battery, 3D Surround Sound Home Theater Built-in Subwoofer with Remote Control for Projectors/Phones/Tablets


Product Description


Dynamic, Full-Range Sound for TV/PC/Phones/Tablets usw

As TVs, Computer, PC have gotten thinner, so has the sound quality from their built-in speakers. This single-piece sound bar makes it easier than ever to enhance your TV sound and music.

Both audibly and aesthetically outstanding, BenqBot sound bar S16 Enhance your entertainment experience with exceptional sound quality.

Whether you’re watching a movie, playing games or listening to music, you can feel the BEST sounds from this Sound Bar.

Perfectly match for your TV to turn it into a complete entertainment system, especially best for home theater, enjoy the great and warm time with your family.


Space-Saving For Taking Outside

BenqBot S16 soundbar for tv are small in size ( 15.7 X 3 X 3 inches ) which is very convenient to take it to anywhere you want, whether it is popcorn time, Yoga exercise time or outdoor picnic party car speakers, free to switch scene mode.

Stable Bluetooth Connection 5.0 Technology

Bluetooth 5.0 provide stable connection range up to 33ft, with your Bluetooth enabled devices to enjoy powerful, well balanced sound.


15° Bevel Acoustic Design

15 degree elevation angle of the base in order to optimize sound performance. Make the sound more directly transmitted to the eardrum.


When the TV is connected to the Soundbar, you need to use the TV remote control to set the sound output to “COAX” or “AV out”. The TV cannot automatically recognize the soundbar.

The TV should have COAX output or 3.5mm AUX output to connect with speaker, if it doesn’t have the COAX or AUX, it will unable to connect with the speaker.

Before purchasing, PLEASE help to confirm that your TV or digital products do have COAX output or 3.5mm AUX output.

Also please make sure your TV support analog audio output.




2200mAh Battery

2200mAh high-capacity high-performance lithium battery, it can play music for about 4-6 hours. Perfect for home, living room, dorm room, kitchen, parties, outdoor Activities

What We Offer

Bluetooth Soundbar; Remote Controller; Type-C Charging Cable ; Coax Cable; 3.5mm audio Cable; User Manual

Feel the Full Power in Every Moment

Seamless Streaming Built-in Bluetooth allows you to wireless stream music from your devices directly to the soundbar.You can lie comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the music




Product Specifications :

Output Power : 10 W x 2

Battery : 3.7 V-4.2V DC , 2200 mAh

Frequency Range : 100 Hz – 18 KHz

Dimension : 15.7× 3 × 3 inch

Inputs : 3.5mm AUX/ COAX

Weight : NET 1.4 LBS

Note: This soundbar is capable to connect devices via Bluetooth, AUX and COAX cord. Please check IF YOUR DEVICES SUPPORT Bluetooth or AUX and COAX cord before purchase.

Loud, clear, easy to use

For the Computer/TV/PC/Phones/Tablets from BenqBot S16

When you receive it, everything was up and running within 5-10 minutes. It comes with this convenient measuring paper so you know exactly where to mount it, and the TV was easily able to find the soundbar’s Bluetooth connection. Sound-wise, both movies and games are all very loud and clear.

Connects Wired or Wirelessly – Three Modes to Choose

1, Modern and traditional Multi-Modes Connection; 5.0 Bluetooth Spec. : Actions (effective distance: Up to 10meters / 33feet (Smart phone, Pad, Laptop etc);

2, or Wired connections that include 3.5mm AUX in / coax input (TV, CD Player, Computer etc). Now you can enjoy music from connected devices such as mobile phone, TV, PC and more.

3, U-Disk card playback mode

U-Disk Card Mode: Turn on the speaker, insert U-Disk Card, speaker will be on U-Disk play mode.




Add the final touch to your home decor

This defined pure sound quality soundbar with chic and stylish designed can definitely accentuate your home décor with no doubt. Thoughtfully and sophisticated new design will allow the soundbar match with different styles of home decoration. AND yes, the husbands will be enjoying the sound quality, while the wife will be happy with the design, what a win-win choice for the whole family!

Hand-free Call

The built-in MIC and hands-free function can let you pick up a call conveniently with hands free when you are busy, driving, cooking. With the function of hand-free call makes you enjoy wonderful music without the hassle of long cable, and you can pick up a call conveniently with hands free when driving.

Powerful Stereo Speaker

Fantastic 3D stereo surrounded sound performance, whether the high pitch or low bass. Feel the real scene of your favorite movies, shows and sports with dramatic bass.

②【4 WAYS TO CONNECT: Bluetooth 5.0+Coax+AUX+U Disk】Multiple wireless and wired connections, easily connect to the sound bar via Bluetooth 5.0, Coax or AUX audio cable. No matter what devices you use, enjoy unparalleled access with multiple connection methods available. Easily enjoy the high-quality stereo experience of the home theater. Suit for some TVs or Smartphones, PC, DVD, Tablets, Projectors etc Support U Disk playback.
③【2 X 10W Sleek and Powerful + Built-in Subwoofers】HD stereo speaker immersive music bass boost, rich in layers. So soft and shocking, internal magnetic horn, the volume is louder. With the sleek look, our soundbar is easily incorporated in your home with a fashionable take. The 15.7’’ light-weight body allows you to take the great sound experience with you anywhere you go. However, the small body does not play games! Enjoy the sound at the maximum 20W output for 6-7 hours non-stop.
④【Remote Control and Phone Calls】Support Remote Control and Phone Calls – You don’t have to press buttons on the speaker to switch songs, adjust volume, or pick up phone calls. The paired remote control helps you carry out any tasks right at your fingertip.This premium quality sound bar comes with a dedicated remote control which will allow you to adjust its settings. Wireless remote for convenient volume, input and audio controls. Handle your sound bar from the comfort of your couch.
⑤【What We Offer】: 90 Days Home Trial: With the full consideration of our valued customers’ side and market survey. Most tend to have more prolonged replacement service if defective or dissatisfaction. Kindly this exclusive service is offered. please feel free to contact our sales-after service anytime. Bluetooth Soundbar; Remote Controller; Type-C Charging Cable ; Coax Cable; 3.5mm audio Cable; User Manual, 18 months warranty, 24h customer service and email support


Benefits of quality speakers

With quality speakers, you can expect a much better listening experience. One of the main advantages is that they provide clearer and more accurate sound, allowing you to hear all the details in your favorite music or movies. This is because these speakers are designed to reproduce a wider and more accurate frequency range, which means you can hear the lowest and highest sounds more clearly.

In addition, quality speakers typically have a more powerful and immersive sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the listening experience. This is especially useful when watching movies, as it allows you to feel as if you are in the scene itself.

Another advantage of quality speakers is their durable and sturdy construction. Quality speakers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand prolonged use. This means that you can enjoy high-quality sound for many years without having to worry about the need to replace them.

In short, quality speakers offer a much better listening experience, with clearer, more accurate and powerful sound, better bass and treble reproduction, and a durable, rugged construction for long-lasting use.

There are several types of speakers, including:

1.-Box speakers: these are the most common speakers and are used in a variety of applications, from home sound systems to professional sound equipment.

2.-Column speakers: they are similar to box speakers, but have a taller and more streamlined design.

3.-Satellite speakers: are small speakers that are used in conjunction with a subwoofer to provide surround sound.

4.-Tweeter and midrange speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce high and mid-frequency sounds.

5.-Bass speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce low frequency sounds, such as bass.

6.-Wireless speakers: speakers that connect to a device via a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

7.-Home theater speakers: these are specialized speakers used in home theater systems to provide high-quality, immersive sound.

8.-Monitor speakers: these are specialized speakers used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-Bookshelf speakers: are medium-sized speakers that are placed on a shelf or furniture, ideal for small environments and to complement a home sound system.