PowerLocus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Over Ear, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Hi-Fi Stereo, Soft Memory Foam Ear Cups, 35H Playtime and Fast Charging for Phones, Home Office, TV, Travel


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In unique design we believe.

Keeping in mind that only wearing aesthetically and good looking product will make you look unique. PowerLocus has focused on this.

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How did we start?

Created by two designers in 2017, PowerLocus has developed long range of wireless headphones collection with the belief that everybody deserves good looking headphones with perfect sound performance and flawless quality. The company has expanded to more than 17 international markets and has become one of the preferred choices for headphones for adults and kids.

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Why do we love what we do?

We love seeing people expressing themselves in colorful sophisticated way because our mood and souls are full with colors. We love bringing clean and aesthetically well designed headphones to our clients and not limiting their choice in only few colors. We will not only contribute with a better sound everybody’s daily routine but also their unique outlook.

Why PowerLocus?

Because our products distinguishable, quality built and our extended coverage service of 2 years is something unmatchable from other brands.

[100% FOCUS and 90% BLOCK of the AMBIENT NOISES] –Wireless headphones equipped with the latest active noise cancelling technology which ensures your perfect dedication by removing all distractions like street traffic, airplane engine and neighbors parties. Probably the best choice for affordable noise cancelling headphones – maximum joy guaranteed.
[LONG PLAYTIME & AUX MODE] – Forget the frustrating moments when charging your headphones is daily routine. Our bluetooth headphones ensure you super long playtime thanks to its low consumption technology. Enjoy weeks of music and movies without any charging necessities and don’t worry if your battery is 0%, as all wired headphones you can continue with the 3.5mm aux cable.
[BALANCED AUDIO – Hi-Fi STEREO] – Tired of many poor sounding headphones and lack of bass? We feel you! Our over-ear headphones are equipped with upgraded audio drivers which will deliver incredible Hi-Fidelity sound enriched with deep bass and extended treble. Feel each instrument from your favorite music and let it make you feel happiness like never before.
[BUILT-IN MIC] – Speak proudly in every virtual meeting and online class you may attend. Headphones with noise cancelling microphone for clear hassle hands-free calls. Lightweight designed structure that is equipped with fully over the ear soft memory foam earmuffs and extendable metal sides to ensure your long term wearing comfort. Built with highest quality materials so the premium feeling from the first touch is guaranteed.
[Backed UP with 2 Years WARRANTY] – Get the perfect gift for your loving ones. Headphone that pairs instantly to Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC and TV. Unlike others which offer you only 1 Year Warranty and slower support, By choosing PowerLocus, You are covered with 2 Years warranty and 100% Customer satisfaction – 24/7 Customer Support. Simply get in touch with us via amazon and we will solve your problem within less than 2 hours.


Which type of headset offers the best quality?

The quality of headphones varies depending on several factors, such as the technology used, the quality of the materials and the design. In general, studio headphones and hi-fi (Hi-Fi) headphones usually provide the best sound quality.

Studio headphones are designed specifically for use in recording and production studios, and provide accurate and detailed sound so that sound engineers can precisely evaluate and adjust audio.

Hi-Fi headphones, also known as high-fidelity headphones, are characterized by high quality sound with a wide frequency range and accurate audio reproduction. These headphones tend to be more expensive due to their high quality construction and technology.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the sound quality also depends on the device or audio player you are using, so it is important to make sure you have a quality device to get the best performance from your headphones.

There are several types of headphones, including:

1.-In-ear headphones: also known as intraural headphones, they are inserted directly into the ear and provide excellent acoustic isolation.

2.-Over-ear headphones: also known as circumaural headphones, they completely cover the ear and provide great comfort and surround sound.

3.-On-ear headphones: also known as supraaural headphones, they are placed over the ear and provide a more open and less isolated sound.

4.-Wireless headphones: connect to a device through a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

5.-Noise canceling headphones: use noise canceling technology to reduce ambient noise and provide a clearer listening experience.

6.-Headphones with microphone: they have a built-in microphone to allow audio recording and telephone communication.

7.-Gaming headphones: they are specifically designed for games and provide precise sound and clear communication for team games.

8.-Studio Headphones: These are high-quality headphones used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-True wireless headphones: they are headphones that do not have any cable connecting the two headphones, they are connected using Bluetooth technology.