PureSec-CMK01 Coffee Maker AutoFill Kit Filtered Water Auto Refill DIY Kit Coffee Machine Water Line Kit Direct Water Line Plumbing Kit For Non-Commercial Keurig Coffee maker Single-Serve Brewers


Why choose our Coffee Maker Auto-Refill Kit?
NO MORE TRIPS TO THE SINK – Auto-Refills your single serve coffee maker with fresh filtered water in seconds,It works seamlessly with your existing brewer reservoir to provide you with crisp, clean filtered water when you need it most
Automatically fill and maintain coffee maker’s water level, such as Keurig duo or K-Duo K 80 Select K200 K-cafe K-select
This high-quality Coffee maker kit is exactly what you want if you’re setting up your coffee brewer to auto fill. it is work up to 80psi k cup coffee maker
Automatically fill and maintain the reservoir water level in your Keurig (or other brand) single-serve coffee maker. Connects directly to an existing 1/4″ water line (for your icemaker, etc.) and uses an easy-to-install float valve to control the coffee maker’s water level. This kit comes with everything you need, Quick-Connect fittings make installation a breeze. Take a few minutes to complete this install and you’ll never have to trudge to the sink to fill up the coffee maker again!
100% Safety food grade material, 100% leak free, 100% Re-useable

How to use it?
Step 1: Use the included drill bit to drill a 5/8″ hole through which the mounting shaft fits.
Step 2:You tighten the valve body into place with a plastic nut that compresses a silicon washer on the inside and a hard plastic washer on the outside.
Step 3:Plug the 90-degree 1/4″elbow adapter into the valve body and stop when the elbow faced rearward
Step 4: Insert standard 1/4″polyethylene tubing into the elbow until it reaches its stop.
step 5: On the other end of the tube, you can fix a shutoff valve before the elbow. This allows you to turn the water off if you need to clean or decalcify the coffee maker or otherwise stop the water flow.
step 6: If you want to split the filtered water into other appliance like refrigerator , you can add a tee adapter after the shut off vale and inst
★WATER&FOOD USE: NSF Certified CCK 1/4 ro tubing , Food grade Plastic 1/4 Quick connect fittings and Valve , which are widely used in water purification,food/beverage system.
★COMPABILITY: Works with most kinds of non-commercial single serve Keurig’s exisiting reservoir, it can be used for refilling kuerig coffee maker single cup water reservoir ,coffee maker with k cup, Keurig Duo coffee maker, Keurig elite , Breville BES870XL, Ninja CP301, Nespresso Evoluo machinesm, JuraS8 Cuisinart coffee maker, even aquarium reservoir.
★QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Our Coffee maker DIY Kit comes with everything you need, Provides quick and convenient assembly-saving time&expense. New generation Non-Locking Clip technology offer an easy DIY installation without tools required. No need for a professional plumber.
★FUNCTION&QUALITY: Provides Filtered water from your RO system or water filtration system to your coffee makers, and refills water into coffee maker water reservoir automatically whenever the water level is low.Refill will stop automatically when the water reservoir is almost full. Our quality system ensures a superior level of product quality.
★COMPLETE COFFEE MAKER AUTO-REFILL KIT: a. 17 Foot 1/4″ water line; b. One piece of push-in Float Valve; c. One piece of 90-degree 1/4″ elbow adapter; d. One piece of 1/4″Tee fitting; e. Two Pieces of 1/4″ shutoff ball valve; f. One piece of Tube cutter ; g. One piece of Stepper drill bit


Advantages of using a superautomatic coffee maker over a capsule or Italian coffee maker

Super-automatic coffee machines have several advantages over capsule and Italian coffee machines:

Greater Versatility: Super-automatic coffeemakers allow you to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the push of a button. On the other hand, capsule coffee machines can only prepare the type of coffee that is in the capsule, and Italian ones can only prepare espresso and its variants.

1.-Greater control over the quality of the coffee: When preparing coffee with a super-automatic coffee maker, you can adjust the coffee grind, the amount of coffee used and the water pressure to obtain the desired flavor. On the other hand, capsule and Italian coffee machines have fewer adjustment options and do not allow as much control over the quality of the coffee.

2.-Less waste: When using a super-automatic coffee maker, less waste is produced than with capsule coffee machines since single-use capsules are not used.

3.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

4.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

5.-Greater capacity: Super-automatic coffee machines usually have a greater capacity for ground coffee and water, which allows you to prepare several cups of coffee without having to refill the coffee or water so frequently.

However, it is important to note that super-automatic coffee machines are usually more expensive and require more maintenance and cleaning than capsule or Italian coffee machines.