Puxinat 2 in 1 Separable Sound Bars for TV, 2.2 Channel 32Inch Bluetooth 5.0 TV Speaker for Surround Sound System, Built-in Dual Subwoofer, Bass Adjustable, Remote Control Included


Product Description

Puxinat sound bar logoPuxinat sound bar logo

2.2 channel sound bar TV speaker2.2 channel sound bar TV speaker

PUXINAT 2.2 CH SOUND BAR–Bring Theater Experience Home

The Puxinat Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar upgrades its 2.1 channel to 2.2 and provides crystal clear, full-range, top-notch immersive sound experience with its dual sub-woofers and tweeters. 32inch compact and sleek design fits perfectly with different TVs and various home styles.

3D Stereo surround sound3D Stereo surround sound

3D Stereo Surround Sound and Space Saving Detachable Mode

Puxinat 2 in 1 detachable sound bar caters to the new demand of speaker fans and launches this up-to-date version of sound bar to our customers. Sitting nicely on either side of your TV, this sound bar creates 360 degrees stereo surround sound and let you immerse in room-filling sound effect. A great bonus added to its stunning sound quality.

DSP technology Sound barDSP technology Sound bar

Bluetooth 5.0 sound barBluetooth 5.0 sound bar

USB sound barUSB sound bar

Treble and bass adjustableTreble and bass adjustable

Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Connection

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables streaming your favorite music or talk shows directly from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices. Faster transmission speed, happier auditory feast.

USB Stick Connection

Puxinat Sound bar is featured with unique USB port. Plug your USB stick to Puxinat Sound Bar, your favorite music is on the go.

Integrated Remote Control

Wireless remote control can let you easily set up the Bluetooth sound bar connection status and adjust the sound effect like 3D, treble or bass. switch the functions like music, movie, news, game, HiFi or night modes, etc. Remote control distances up to 49 feet in open areas to control sound bar. Besides, bass and treble adjustable buttons on the remote control.

TV connectionTV connection

TV HDMI(ARC) Connection

Please connect your sound bar to the HDMI(ARC) port ONLY when setting it up via your TV HDMI port. If there is no sound coming out, please switch your TV sound setting to PCM audio output. Or please turn off the DOLBY audio/DTS function of your displaying apps.

three ways to install sound barthree ways to install sound bar

Choose the Installation Way as You Like

🍋2 IN 1 DETACHABLE TV SPEAKER: Puxinat soundbar adopts the innovative split design. You can either combine the two tower speakers and make them a single giant TV speaker that delicately decorates your room. Or you can make them sit nicely on each side of your TV to gain a better stereo sound effect in the detachable mode and helps save space for your desk.[Also wall mountable]
🍋3D STEREO SURROUND SOUND: This interesting soundbar contains two tweeters and dual sub-woofers, which is able to produce distortion-free sound quality even at maximum volume level. Stable treble and powerful bass create clear, high quality and full-range immersive sound, creating a room filling sound effect and letting you and your family feel personally on the scene.
🍋BLUETOOTH 5.0 AND MULTIPLE CONNECTION:This soundbar has upgraded its Bluetooth technology to 5.0. It can deliver a faster and more stable transmission speed compared to Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth connection to your any Bluetooth device become super easy and joyful. Other than that, Puxinat soundbar is also equipped with HDMI ARC/USB/AUX/Optical/Coaxial ports. Multiple options to connect your different devices are at your disposal.
🍋SUPER EASY SETUP: This Puxinat soundbar can be easily connected to your TV with the included HDMI ARC cable and you can choose 10 different tailor-made EQ modes as you like thanks to the DSP technology. The included remote control will also spare you from complicated and tedious connection steps. Rule your music, video and gaming console with just one hand.
🍋IN THE BOX: Two tower speakers, remote control, desktop gasket, DC Adapter, Long line cable, Short line cable, HDMI ARC Cable, Coaxial digital audio cable, AUX audio cable, AUX to RCA audio cable, Optical cable, Wall mount screws, User Manual.
🍋KIND NOTE: To ensure compatibility when setting up, please switch your TV sound output to PCM audio output manually if your TV doesn’t do that automatically. When displaying apps like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime video, please turn off the Dolby audio or DTS function in your app sound settings. You can also choose to switch it to STEREO output.


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