Retekess TR621 CD and Cassette Player Combo, Portable Boombox AM FM Radio, Tape Recording, Stereo Sound with Remote Control, USB, Micro SD, for Family(White)


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Retekess wireless communicationRetekess wireless communication

Retekess has been innovating and working hard in the field of Wireless Communication Technology for more than 10 years.Retekess has professional teams working on wireless technology application and innovation, software, market research and development, quality control, warehouse management and customer support.Products and solutions serve over 20 industries. It includes: Radio; Restaurant call system; Travel guide system and so on.

What makes our products unique?

The RETEKESS brand strives to find the best solution for short-distance wireless technology calls and create a wireless transmission system.

Our team has been deeply researching wireless technology, actively exploring market changes, and expanding product lines to different usage scenarios.

High quality and professional customer support make our products unique.

Why do we love what we do?

We want wireless services to keep pace with the digital age and help people live more comfortably. Our goal is to use wireless technology to make communication easier

Stereo MP3 player; home audio radio supports micro SD card and USB flash disk input; when you play CD or USB music the cd player has a stereo sound
CD player with remote; the remote control can control CD and USB playback but cannot control cassette and radio playback; the maximum remote control distance is 32 feet; you can put the TR621 on a high place and control it via the remote control
CD cassette player AM/FM radio; AM 530-1600KHz; FM 76-108MHz; 17.7in telescopic antenna enhances radio reception
Tape recording radio; record CD, radio or external voice to tape; save your favorite CD music or radio/talk/event; listen to it again anytime
2 power supplies; AC 110V power (cable included); 6 x D size batteries (not included); gives you free choice for home or outdoor use
Dual high-powered speakers; provide excellent clarity and enjoy a pleasant listening experience


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