Seismic Audio – 12″ GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET EMPTY – 7 Ply Birch – 2×12 Speakerless Cab NEW 212 Orange Tolex – Black Cloth Grill – Front or Rear Loading Options


Premium Plywood Tolex Covered Empty Guitar Cabinet – Model Number: Luke-2x12C, Orange Tolex Cover, Black Color Cloth Grill, 2×12″ Empty Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Guitar Speakers are not included, Birch Plywood, Removable Grill for front speaker loading, Grill pops off and on with ease, Removable back panels for rear speaker loading, Plenty of wire to hook up the guitar speaker of your choice, Black Metal Handle on each side, Metal flush corners, Dual 1/4″ connectors on the back, Light Weight Cabinet, 36.9 pounds, LxWxH: 31″ x 15.25″ x 21.5″, Brand New, One year warranty. Our “Luke Series” Seismic Audio empty guitar cabinets are made of 1/2″ Birch plywood on all 6 sides.  These cabinets come loaded with everything you need except the speaker.  We are very proud of the Luke series cabinets.  These each have a wheat grill of various colors and are covered with a clean cut Tolex.  The Luke series cabinets can be front loaded, as the front cloth grill is removable and easily reapplied.  Some of the Luke series empty guitar cabinets cab be rear loaded as well (see above).  Each cabinet comes with a dual 1/4″ metal jack plate and plenty of wire to hook up your speaker.  Each cabinet is well braced and offers a nice boutique look.  We have three different models, an original look, modern look, and vintage look.  The cabinet you will receive is described above.
Birch Plywood – 12″ Empty Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Guitar Speakers are not included
Removable Grill for front speaker loading – Grill pops off and on with ease – Removable back panels for rear speaker loading.
Plenty of wire, Strap handle on top, Metal flush corners, Dual 1/4″ connectors on the back,
Light Weight Cabinet (36.9 pounds) – LxWxH: 31″ x 15.25″ x 21.5″ – Brand New


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