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Headphone parameters
Bluetooth version: V5.1+EDR
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHZ
Supported protocols: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11.3
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Battery capacity: 90mAh
Charging voltage/current: 5V/1A
Play/talk time: about 6 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Standby time: 60 days
Speaker impedance: φ10mm 32Ω
Microphone sensitivity: -42Db
Working temperature: -10-50℃
Full set weight: 51.8g
Bare metal weight: 17.5g
Product List
Charging cable*1

Not in-ear design, real sound conduction. 360° non-porous closed sound cavity design to avoid embarrassing sound leakage.
Using biological diaphragm, the sound quality is transparent and powerful. 5.2 Bluetooth, wireless chip blessing, high-fidelity sound quality.
Stable support, memory steel wire combined with silicone, flexible and skin-friendly. Full of elasticity, it maintains a snug fit on the neck and is easy to carry.
There is no delay in the game, and there is no barrier to 10M transmission. IP5C charging, safe, stable and fast.
No fear of sweat, the whole machine is designed with multi-angle anti-sweat protection.


Which type of headset offers the best quality?

The quality of headphones varies depending on several factors, such as the technology used, the quality of the materials and the design. In general, studio headphones and hi-fi (Hi-Fi) headphones usually provide the best sound quality.

Studio headphones are designed specifically for use in recording and production studios, and provide accurate and detailed sound so that sound engineers can precisely evaluate and adjust audio.

Hi-Fi headphones, also known as high-fidelity headphones, are characterized by high quality sound with a wide frequency range and accurate audio reproduction. These headphones tend to be more expensive due to their high quality construction and technology.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the sound quality also depends on the device or audio player you are using, so it is important to make sure you have a quality device to get the best performance from your headphones.

There are several types of headphones, including:

1.-In-ear headphones: also known as intraural headphones, they are inserted directly into the ear and provide excellent acoustic isolation.

2.-Over-ear headphones: also known as circumaural headphones, they completely cover the ear and provide great comfort and surround sound.

3.-On-ear headphones: also known as supraaural headphones, they are placed over the ear and provide a more open and less isolated sound.

4.-Wireless headphones: connect to a device through a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

5.-Noise canceling headphones: use noise canceling technology to reduce ambient noise and provide a clearer listening experience.

6.-Headphones with microphone: they have a built-in microphone to allow audio recording and telephone communication.

7.-Gaming headphones: they are specifically designed for games and provide precise sound and clear communication for team games.

8.-Studio Headphones: These are high-quality headphones used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-True wireless headphones: they are headphones that do not have any cable connecting the two headphones, they are connected using Bluetooth technology.