Tredy 2-Cup Coffee Maker, One Touch Automatic Drip Coffee Machine with Removable Water Reservoir, Glass Carafe, Automatic Shut Off & Warm Plate for Home Office(480ML/16OZ)


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TREDY thoughtfully takes sight, sound, and smell to create a space of health and well-being through a line of beautiful and competitive premium products. TREDY believes that a quality environment is key to acquiring a restful cadence after a full day.

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Our mission is to help you achieve relaxation, health, and well-being. TREDY tends not only to physical health; we also strive to help customers achieve total well-being for body and soul. With mindful products that are both functional and chic, we’re advancing the ways of wellness.

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Established as a brand in 2017. TREDY team works on everything from market research and product R&D. We excel in rapid design, innovation, and product development; we execute E-commerce campaigns with exceptional success.

Ease of Use: Brew a cup of coffee simply by one-touch offers ease of use without a great deal of control over variables that will influence the brew, ensures flavour of coffee,  they’ll heat the water and brew the coffee in a very hands-off manner. If you’re looking for a no-frills machine that’s straight forward and consistent.
Portable Size : Mini sized coffee brewer is ideal for a dorm room or small kitchen with its small footprint. It brews a full pot (four cups maximum) more quickly than larger-capacity devices, This stunning coffee maker has a modern design that will stand out on any countertop.
Easy to Clean: This coffee maker comes with a glass carafe, which is lightweight and easy to clean thanks to wide openings and being dishwasher safe. And the removable water reservoir make it use to refill and clean.
Heating Plate &Automatic Shut Off: After brewing, the hot plate automatically activates to keep your carafe of precious bean juice warm. Then 20mins later, it shuts off, a handy safety feature to avoid burning the carafe dry.
Reusable Filer: The Brewer comes with a permanent filter, which is a more eco-friendly option. In addition, opting for a reusable filter means that’s one less item to remember to toss into your grocery cart on a regular basis.


Advantages of using a superautomatic coffee maker over a capsule or Italian coffee maker

Super-automatic coffee machines have several advantages over capsule and Italian coffee machines:

Greater Versatility: Super-automatic coffeemakers allow you to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the push of a button. On the other hand, capsule coffee machines can only prepare the type of coffee that is in the capsule, and Italian ones can only prepare espresso and its variants.

1.-Greater control over the quality of the coffee: When preparing coffee with a super-automatic coffee maker, you can adjust the coffee grind, the amount of coffee used and the water pressure to obtain the desired flavor. On the other hand, capsule and Italian coffee machines have fewer adjustment options and do not allow as much control over the quality of the coffee.

2.-Less waste: When using a super-automatic coffee maker, less waste is produced than with capsule coffee machines since single-use capsules are not used.

3.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

4.-Greater comfort: A super-automatic coffee maker can prepare several cups of coffee without the need for intervention, while Italian ones require more user intervention, especially in cleaning and maintenance.

5.-Greater capacity: Super-automatic coffee machines usually have a greater capacity for ground coffee and water, which allows you to prepare several cups of coffee without having to refill the coffee or water so frequently.

However, it is important to note that super-automatic coffee machines are usually more expensive and require more maintenance and cleaning than capsule or Italian coffee machines.