Ulefone Armor 17 Pro Rugged Cell Phone, Helio G99 13+256GB, 108MP Pro Camera, 120Hz Display, 66W Quick Charge, Compatible with Magnetic Accessories, Android 12 Unlocked Smartphone, 2.4/5G WiFi 6


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120HZ 6.58-INCH DISPLAY RUGGED SMARTPHONE: 6.58″ Display of Ulefone Armor 17 Pro is with 1080×2408 FHD+ resolution, 120Hz ultra high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, the PPI is up to 401, 10 Multi-touch, you can get a silky-smooth scrolling of web pages and animations. With the ultra slim, sleek design, Armor 17 Pro is only 0.49 inches thickness, 10.22 ounces weight, a perfect choice for business use.
HELIO G99 PROCESSOR UNLOCKED CELL PHONE: The Helio G99 is an octa-core CPU with 2.2GHz main frequency, 6nm process. Also Ulefone Armor 17 Pro is with a powerful Arm Mali-G57 GPU, which is an all-new chipset. As a next-gen gaming processor, it improves 15% faster in gaming experience, save 30% more energy efficiency. Providing superior 3D graphics capabilities than ever.
SUPER BIG STOREAGE UNLOCKED SMARTPHONE: Ulefone Armor 17 Pro except coming with a 8GB RAM, also can up to 5GB virtual RAM, which is activated in settings as per your demands. If the 256GB internal storage is not enough for you, you can add a 1TB TF card to expand its space for your favorite apps, files, photos, and videos, making downloading and sharing a breeze.
5300mAh & 66W QUICK CHARGE ANDROID PHONE: The battery of Ulefone Armor 17 Pro is 5380mAh, 294 hours standby time, 29 hours talking time. Supports PD 3.0 protocol 66W wired quick charge, can be charged to 38% in just 10 minutes, 53% in 15 minutes, 90% in 30 minutes. Also supports QI protocol 15W wireless charge, wired and wireless reverse charge to to other devices.
MAGNETIC ECOSYSTEM UNLOCKED MOBILE PHONE: Ulefone Armor 17 Pro features a new magnetic technology, any MagSafe compatible accessories for easy attachment and wireless charging. One Phone Stand Wallet is come with the armor 17 pro. Also support Ulefone Magnetic Speaker (not included), please get separately.
ANDROID 12 OS & ONLINE SERVICE CELL PHONE UNLOCKED: Equipped with the pure Android 12, no ads, bloatware, or third-party apps, further enhance privacy. On Armor 17 Pro, you can get our first ever custom user interface, the Ulefone UI, and get instant online service. PS: Armor 17 Pro can work with T-mobile, Movistar, Telcel, Tigo, Claro, Rogers Wireless, not compatible with AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Boost, Mint etc..


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