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Shower Phone Holder WaterproofShower Phone Holder Waterproof

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Waterproof Shower Phone Mount

Waterproof Shower Phone Case

What’s a Shower Phone Holder?

Mount to the wall of your shower. Protect your smartphone from water splashes. Allow you to access your touch screen without damage or fogging.

Why Do You Need a Shower Phone Holder?

Having a phone holder in your shower lets you:

· Relax watching your shows in the tub!

· Listen to music or catch up on your favorite shows while rinsing off!

· Enjoy watching Netflix, sending emails, etc. while showering after a long day!

· Easily read recipes / watch videos / etc. while you are cooking or doing dishes!


URROY wants to do something interesting and creative to make life fun.

Turning impossible imaginations into reality and realizing all kinds of interesting ideas.

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【New Adjustments】We adjusted the length of its latch and appearance details. Now the phone holder mount now has a larger interior space. It still working great. No matter where you takes your phone, this waterproof phone shower holder is sure to be a useful companion.
【Upgraded Waterproof Performance】Dual layer waterproof structure and sealed shell design provide 360 degree full body rugged protection. Waterproof and delivers fog-free performance, high sensitive touchscreen and great sound quality. Practical bathroom, kitchen, shower, bathtub, and bath accessories.
【480 Degree Rotation】Adjustable shower phone mount with 480 degree rotation design. Shower phone case compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max and other cell phones up to 7″, it supports up to 4.5 lbs,sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off bathroom glass or the wall.
【Perfect Gift For Anyone On Your List】Great for entertainment, adult and kid friendly. Ideal thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for men and women. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a perfect solution.


15 Different types of fixed and mobile phones:

1.-Landline phones: Fixed phones that use a wired connection to the telephone network, typically found in homes and offices. They are reliable and offer clear voice quality.

2.-Cordless phones: Fixed phones that operate wirelessly within a certain range of the base station. They offer greater flexibility than landline phones, allowing users to move around while on a call.

3.-VoIP phones: Fixed phones that use internet protocols to transmit voice calls. They offer low-cost calling and advanced features such as video calling, call forwarding, and virtual phone numbers.

4.-PBX phones: Fixed phones that are part of a private branch exchange (PBX) system used in offices and businesses. They offer advanced call routing, voicemail, and conferencing features.

5.-Satellite phones: Mobile phones that use satellite communication technology to make and receive calls. They are ideal for use in remote areas where traditional phone networks are not available.

6.-Feature phones: Basic mobile phones that primarily offer calling and texting functionality. They often have physical keypads and limited storage and processing capabilities.

7.-Smartphones: Advanced mobile phones with features like internet connectivity, touchscreens, high-resolution cameras, and access to various apps. They offer a wide range of functionalities and can be used for a variety of tasks such as entertainment, communication, and productivity.

8.-Phablets: Mobile devices that are larger than a traditional smartphone but smaller than a tablet, typically with a screen size between 5.5 and 7 inches. They offer the convenience of a smartphone with the added benefit of a larger screen.

9.-Flip phones: Mobile phones with a hinge that allows them to fold in half, protecting the screen and keypad. They offer a compact and portable design, with some models also offering advanced features like cameras and internet connectivity.

10.-Slider phones: Mobile phones that feature a sliding mechanism that reveals a physical keyboard or other features. They were popular in the early 2000s and are less common today.

11.-Bar phones: Mobile phones that have a rectangular shape, with the screen and keypad positioned on the same surface. They are often low-cost and offer basic features like calling, texting, and internet connectivity.

12.-Rugged phones: Mobile phones that are designed to withstand tough conditions, such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures. They are ideal for use in outdoor activities or harsh work environments.

13.-Business phones: Mobile devices designed for business use, typically with advanced security features, email and calendar integration, and access to productivity tools. They offer a range of functionalities for professionals such as video conferencing and remote access to work files.

14.-Gaming phones: Mobile devices optimized for gaming, typically with high-end processors, fast refresh rates, and advanced cooling systems. They offer the best possible gaming experience with features such as high-quality screens, powerful speakers, and ergonomic design.

15.-Camera phones: Mobile phones with high-quality cameras, typically with multiple lenses and advanced features for capturing and editing photos and videos. They offer a range of functionalities for photography enthusiasts, such as manual controls, RAW capture, and image stabilization.