WXBDD Speaker Colorful Bedside Light Mobile Portable Card Computer Mini Speaker Heavy Subwoofer Outdoor Playtime, Built-in Mic (Color : D)


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Product advantages:
Four modes to choose from, support four music modes, whether it is connected to your mobile phone speaker entertainment, or need to connect the computer to make speakers, operate freely, playback, AUX playback, TF card playback, NFC playback
Smart touch, top with touch control panel, plasma spray process brings together the total rudder function for you
Compatible with mainstream devices, using version 4.2, 10 meters connection distance, playing more freely
Material: ABS
Renovation type: brand new
Certified model: S-52
Channel: 2.1 stereo
Type: HiFi Speaker
Theoretical power: 3W*2{double speakers}+6W {bass diaphragm}
Impedance: 4Ω
Signal to noise ratio: ≥70dB
Frequency response range: 100-20KHz
Speaker control: touch button
Power supply; 2200MAH
Size: 126*65*68mm//1(in)= 25.4(mm)
Widely compatible with non-selective equipment.

It fits in any environment, whether it is in the bedroom or in the living room, it can show its beautiful sound quality, whether it is gift or home is a good choice. Looking forward to your choice.
Powerful subwoofer, 12W high volume built-in 3WX2 dual speakers + 6W subwoofer diaphragm, easy to control all types of music
360-degree surround sound 2.1 stereo, 360-degree body diffusion technology, professional-grade cavity design, dual-horn intelligent frequency conversion
NFC fast connection, with NFC-enabled mobile phones, tablets and other devices, -touch connection, easy to use, NF near field communication, found that the device actively senses, confirm immediately, share good music


Benefits of quality speakers

With quality speakers, you can expect a much better listening experience. One of the main advantages is that they provide clearer and more accurate sound, allowing you to hear all the details in your favorite music or movies. This is because these speakers are designed to reproduce a wider and more accurate frequency range, which means you can hear the lowest and highest sounds more clearly.

In addition, quality speakers typically have a more powerful and immersive sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the listening experience. This is especially useful when watching movies, as it allows you to feel as if you are in the scene itself.

Another advantage of quality speakers is their durable and sturdy construction. Quality speakers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand prolonged use. This means that you can enjoy high-quality sound for many years without having to worry about the need to replace them.

In short, quality speakers offer a much better listening experience, with clearer, more accurate and powerful sound, better bass and treble reproduction, and a durable, rugged construction for long-lasting use.

There are several types of speakers, including:

1.-Box speakers: these are the most common speakers and are used in a variety of applications, from home sound systems to professional sound equipment.

2.-Column speakers: they are similar to box speakers, but have a taller and more streamlined design.

3.-Satellite speakers: are small speakers that are used in conjunction with a subwoofer to provide surround sound.

4.-Tweeter and midrange speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce high and mid-frequency sounds.

5.-Bass speakers: these are specialized speakers used to reproduce low frequency sounds, such as bass.

6.-Wireless speakers: speakers that connect to a device via a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

7.-Home theater speakers: these are specialized speakers used in home theater systems to provide high-quality, immersive sound.

8.-Monitor speakers: these are specialized speakers used in recording and production studios to provide accurate and detailed sound.

9.-Bookshelf speakers: are medium-sized speakers that are placed on a shelf or furniture, ideal for small environments and to complement a home sound system.