Zupci Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner – 100 Pcs 8 Inch Parchment Paper Rounds for 5 to 8 Qt Basket – Liners for Air Fryer Basket – Non-stick Oil Air Fryer Liner Round and Water Proof Parchment Paper


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When Zupci was founded?

Zupci is an American owned small Business by Aftm and was founded in 2019. We expended ourselves to e-Commerce in 2021.

How did we get our start?

We introduce ourselves as an Asset Management Company located Lansdale Pennasylvania then we expand to e-Commerce in 2021. We have launched a high quality paper parchment kitchen product for our community in September, 2022.

What makes our products unique?

We strictly select, design and manufacture our products utilizing the professionals. Zupci continuously monitors product quality and inspect to maintain high quality standards.

Why zupci is the best choice?

Customer is our first priority under any circumstances. Zupci always ensure highly satisfied services.

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【Easy to Clean】Tired of cleaning after baking? Zupci disposable air fryer liners prevent cleaning effort. To clean, just throw the liner away, get another one and continue cooking without the mess.
【Eco-friendly and Oven Safe】Round air fryer disposable paper liner is made of natural wood pulp. Our paper liners for air fryer baskets won’t tear while lifting after cooking.
【For 4 to 8 Qt Square Baskets】Zupci air fryer parchment liner doesn’t require fold/cut/tear. Air fryer round liner is 1.8 inches high, it prevents spreading food inside the air fryer to protect.
【Easy to Use &Tips】Air fryer inserts disposable and usable in airfryer, microwaves, steamers. Premium air fryer parchment paper liner is suitable for home baking, camping, BBQ, and summer parties.
【Water, Stick, Oil & Grease Proof】Zupci parchment paper is water, oil, and grease proof. The food will not stick to the liner surface & protect the cookware damage.


16 advantages of air fryers

1.-Faster cooking: air fryers heat the food faster than traditional cooking methods.

2.-More uniform cooking: the hot air is distributed evenly around the food, reducing the likelihood of raw or burnt areas.

3.-Less need to turn the food: by cooking more evenly, it is not necessary to turn the food as often.

4.-Energy savings: air fryers are generally more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods.

5.-Less need for oil: air fryers use hot air to cook the food, which means that less oil is needed for cooking.

6.-Healthier food: since less oil is needed, food cooked in an air fryer is healthier.

7.-Easy to clean: air fryers usually have removable accessories that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

8.-Cooks various types of foods: air fryers can cook a variety of foods, from French fries to chicken and vegetables.

9.-Odorless cooking: air fryers do not emit the typical cooking odors that occur with traditional cooking methods.

10.-Smoke-free cooking: air fryers do not produce smoke, which means that there is no need to ventilate the kitchen.

11.-Spark-free cooking: air fryers do not produce sparks, which means that they are safe to use in environments where there is dust or flammable gases.

12.-Heatless cooking: air fryers do not emit heat, which means that the kitchen does not overheat.

13.-Noise-free cooking: air fryers do not emit noise, which means that they can be used in environments where quietness is required.

14.-Vibration-free cooking: air fryers do not emit vibrations, which means that they can be used in environments where stability is required.

15.-Maintenance-free cooking: air fryers do not require maintenance, which means that they can be used for years without problems.

16.-Installation-free cooking: air fryers do not require installation, which means that they can be used for years without problems.